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Testimonial 1

We are looking at this package to be used mainly for machine tool maintenance and I think I can justify this solely for our department.

I found it to be a good tool on the Okumas solely for checking machine alignments in the event of a suspected "shift".
I wrote a program to check some "machine" coordinate positions and I run this if they have any issues with suspected misalignments; this 5 minute check saves us from pulling out granite squares, clocks, test bars, etc. CNC Reporter can immediately tell us if there is something wrong with the machine.

We are going to write a program for these Giddings and Lewis machines that we can run if we suspect a "shift" to check geometrics and fixture position. (The fixtures are not here yet but will be coming soon). We will record the CNC Reporter archive and save this as a record. This will also be run at each machine tool service so we can monitor for drift, etc and log the results. I also plan to have this check run before any job is machined.

Part of my justification is also the fact that production can utilise this package for in-process inspection should they wish to do so.